When out riding, with merry friends and strangers we meet along the path. We saw one of two things, people dressed in club kits or bland, and generally bland kits. Looking at the ever expanding field of cycling brands, we see nothing but inoffensive, plain gear. In a strive for timelessness, we risk losing texture. An army clad in uniform.

When others follow rivers, we swim against the rapids. The joy of cycling is hard, if not impossible to describe, but it’s very similar to the creative process. It isn’t always pleasant, sometimes miserable. The moment when you push past limits, embrace it all and only see the path ahead, a moment of unparalleled freedom.

We are a small company based in Stockholm, Sweden. All of our collections are limited to a set number of pieces, once they’re gone, they’re gone. We always strive to make high-quality, long lasting items with a low impact on the environment.   

Alas Sportswear HB


Resare-bengts plan 3
121 45 Johanneshov
Stockholm, Sweden